Animus Lost

On Milking Your Friends

Cliffport, one day after arrival

Goldie’s head was bent back at an awkward angle, and saliva dripped out of the corners of her mouth as Arkh’s finger palpated her soft palate. “Arghharrhhmmmrff?” she asked around the digit. Arkh hissed and pulled his hand back quickly, examining it for scratches.

“Goldie, don’t DO that! You could have bitten me!” he exclaimed.

The blonde woman looked down and muttered, “Sorry.” She scuffed her feet on the floor next to the bed she was sitting on. “I just wanted to know how come your finger tastes like ink.”

He looked at her for a moment, and replied, “Because I am a cart- you know what, never mind that.” He shook his head. “If I’m going to find your venom sacs in order to milk them, I need you to remain absolutely still. You wouldn’t want to bite me, would you?” When she smirked and remained silent, he hastened to add, “Er, never mind, please don’t answer that. Now please open up again.”

She stared up at the ceiling again while his finger moved around her soft palate and ran along her gums. Finally he stepped back and made some notations in his journal before turning to her with a strange cup in his hand. It was an obviously expensive clear glass vessel with some kind of thin material stretched over the opening.

Arkh held the cup out and explained, “Now, Goldie, what I need you to do is to bite through this film with your incisors- your top teeth- and chew to release your venom. I’ll tell you when we have enough collected.”

Dubiously, Goldie took the cup and did as instructed, even though it felt extremely silly. She could feel the venom moving through the roof of her mouth and dripping down her teeth. It was a strange, but oddly satisfying experience. After a relatively short amount of time, Arkh signaled her to stop and took the container away. He capped it and held it up to the light streaming in from the window. It was a pale, straw-colored fluid. The Orc made a satisfied noise before stowing the venom away in his pack.

“Thank you for cooperating, Goldie. It will be extremely useful to be able to make antivenin for you, in the event that you should accidentally puncture one of our party with a tooth in any form.” Before she could ask, he said, “Antivenin is used to help stop the effects of a venomous bite. It may prevent the afflicted person from dying, or at least reduce the toxicity of the venom.”

Goldie smiled brightly. “You’re welcome, Blood Mage! It’s like you actually care about us not dying, even though you’re a filthy blood mage!” Ignoring Arkh’s visible flinch, she went on, “I will bite cups for you again, if you need. Hey also…” she said, clearly struck by a new idea, “ can you make some of that into a way to coat my axe or Fritz’s arrows? Then we could poison people!” Obviously thrilled at the idea of poisoning as many people as possible with her good friend Fritz, she hustled out of the room as soon as Arkh nodded hesitantly. “I suppose I-” he started, but she was already gone.

With a sigh, the Orc medic went back to tinkering with his supplies and taking notes in his journal. He had hoped that showing Goldie he meant to prevent injury to the party would go a long way toward getting her to trust him again, but she apparently wasn’t ready for that.

He was awfully lonely these days.


Kissarai Lianetherider

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