Vhirelle, of House Rosornos

Cambion, late twenties, tall, moderately attractive, smooth horns angling back from the temples. Concealed by her clothing: slight scaling on the back and hips.


Father- Deved Rosornos
Mother- Allanaia Vid Rosornos
Brother- Kaldan Rosornos
Sister- Savitte of the Crow
Vhirelle Rosornos
Sister- Jhulya Rosornos (Lost)

The daughter of a respected Mage and his wealthy wife, Vhirelle lacked for nothing in her first few years of life. Her older brother, Kaldan, was distant and mostly ignored her, but her slightly older sister, Savitte, was her best friend. When Jhulya was born just after Vhirelle’s sixth birthday, their parents decided that it was time to foster out their children. Following noble custom, Kaldan went to be fostered with his uncle as a squire. Six-year-old Vhirelle and seven-year-old Savitte, who both displayed traces of magery, were sent to the Temple of the Crow as novices. It was considered properly pious to have one or more daughters in religious service, and Deved and Allanaia chose the Crow as the most likely to advance their magically-gifted daughters through the ranks. Savitte and Vhirelle fell right into place at the Temple, and happily gave up their blood each week as a token of selflessness.

As they grew older, Savitte fell further and further into the lore and lifestyle of the Crow. She quickly advanced from novice to Novitiate, and then Apprentice. Vhirelle was content to stay at the Novitiate level, although she did miss her sister and best friend. During her mid-teens, Vhirelle learned to ignore the bit of magic she possessed so that it could be given up with her blood to the Crow. She didn’t know what the blood was used for, and saw it as simply a beautiful symbol of selflessness, which was the message of the Crow. Her roommate and close fried, Gita, was from Lowtown and taught the stuck-up Vhirelle how to tolerate the presence of commoners. Vhirelle still didn’t like associating with the “lower classes,” but did grow fond of Gita. Gita also taught her the art of self-defense, which Vhirelle grew quite proficient at. It was also at this time that Vhirelle gained her skill with and love of furs, becoming an accomplished furrier under the tutelage of the Brides of the Crow as she crafted winter clothing.

One evening, Vhirelle decided to pay a surprise visit to her sister, the Apprentice Savitte. She followed a few minutes behind one of the novices, and entered without knocking. The scene before her was one she never could have imagined. Savitte, her face red with effort, was attempting to restrain the terrified little girl. Her kicks were obviously wearing Savitte down, and Vhirelle, assuming that the novice must have done something to hurt her sister, rushed forward and used her fighting skills to subdue the child. Savitte, seeing who her savior was, quickly seized her belt knife and muttered some strange words before slashing open the girl’s throat. As Vhirelle dropped the body and backed away in horror, her sister used a large basin to catch most of the novice’s blood. Vhirelle had never seen death before, and was extremely distraught until her sister explained that this sacrifice was necessary in order for Savitte to advance into the ranks of the Brides of the Crow. Vhirelle accepted the explanation and the need for secrecy that her sister insisted on, but still felt somewhat uneasy about her part in the sacrifice. She never told anyone about that night, not even Gita, and threw the blood-stained robes she’d been wearing into the fire.

A few years later, in her mid-twenties, Vhirelle hardly ever saw her sister anymore. Savitte had indeed moved into the secretive sect, the Brides of the Crow. As a veiled Novitiate, Vhirelle rarely had contact with the Brides, but found that she didn’t mind not seeing her sister after that night years before. One night, Vhirelle suddenly awoke with the feeling of being watched. A beautiful, serpentine demon was in her cell, glowing as if lit by the sun. Her skin was a warm russet brown, and she was scaled all over her nude body. She had long, talon-like fingers and toes, and a ridged fan of skin running down her back. Vhirelle, my child, the demon said into the shocked woman’s mind, I am Neferelth, and you are Mine. The demon disappeared, and Vhirelle felt as if she were suffocating in a fire. Her body was in agony She screamed, and burning energy shot out of her hands and into the stone floor. A guard heard her cries, and when Vhirelle tearfully explained what had happened, he immediately summoned one of the two Crow Kings. Vhirelle was scared. She had no idea what had just happened, and didn’t know what her punishment would be. The Crow, however, was very kind to her. He explained that although she had selflessly given up her magical powers as a dutiful Novitiate should, some people were unable to freely give enough of themselves. That innate selfishness had caused her powers to attract a demon, who had claimed Vhirelle as her own. He firmly, though still in that kind tone, informed her that she was no longer welcome as a member of the Crow, although she was free to attend services. Within minutes, Vhirelle was being escorted back to her family’s compound in a daze.

The family were shocked to see Vhirelle back, and more so when they heard what had happened. Her father explained to her that Neferelth was something of a patron demon to their line of the Rosornos clan. Each generation, she took the youngest daughter as her own, and made a Demon Pact with them to give them access to her magic. This was explained to the girls when they were eight, so Vhirelle had never heard of it. Neferelth generally claimed her acolytes when they were 20 years old, or when she had decided that they were ready to receive her power. Jhulya, as the youngest, had been groomed for the task since she was a small child. Somehow, though, something had gone wrong, and her mind couldn’t handle Neferelth’s power. The moment that the demon’s mind touched her own, the girl had been Lost. This had happened just moments before Neferelth appeared to Vhirelle.

Deved reasoned that Neferelth, not wanting to be deprived of her Pact with this generation, had decided to take Vhirelle instead of the Lost Jhulya. The family was supportive of Vhirelle, but some of the cousins seemed to blame her for what had happened to her sister. Although she was angry and scared at first, and furious with the demon for forcing something like this on her, Vhirelle eventually reconciled herself to the fact that the Pact did exist, and could not be revoked. She spent some time living in the family’s hunting cabin outside of the city, where she was tutored in Destructive magic by Neferelth. After about a year, she had nearly forgotten that she hadn’t wanted this power in the first place. Her only small regret was that she had been truly happy among the Crow, despite her guilt over her part in the sacrifice of the novice.

Once Neferelth had released her from training, Vhirelle returned to the Rosornos compound. Her family outfitted her and insisted that before she could truly be a functioning Mage, she needed more experience in the world. Her brother, Kaldan, who had become something of a bore, declared paternally that the experience would be “good for her.” In private, he declared to his wife that exposure to less privileged people might “get the stick out of Vhirelle’s selfish ass.” No one else appeared to share his feelings, and Vhirelle was packed off to the Cartographer’s Guild, where she met up with the men and… things… that would become her part.

Vhirelle, of House Rosornos

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