Jyoti Singh

In light of the events going on in India, I've decided that any time I need a character example, that character will be named Jyoti Singh, and all aspects of her stats and background will be inspired by the real Jyoti Singh Pandey.


While using this character as an example in the system and character creation sections, I’ve decided to put her full stats here, as well as give you guys an in-wiki character sheet that you can fill out yourselves if you’re interested in doing so.


Player Name:
Character Name:
Jyoti Singh
Character Race:


Legend Definition Rating
Honor Do No Harm 3
Faith Good of Strangers 1
Virtue Naresh and Sanjay 1
Vice Over-Jealous Generosity 1


Magical Mental Physical Social
2 4 2 4
Control Endurance Power Presence
2 3 2 3


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Rating
Combat First Aid 1
Communicate Verbal Bluff 4

Jyoti Singh

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