Archibald "Arkh" Greene

A newly-commissioned Junior Cartographer, eager to see the world.

  • Always… remain in control. (3)
  • Never… stop exploring. (2)
  • Trust… those who trust me. (1)
  • Fear… letting my mentors or parents down. (0)
  • I Will… make my masterpiece in the Ironforge. (1)

The adopted son of two prioresses, Vera and Celeste found Archibald in the rubble of a burning village while on a pilgrimage—the sole survivor of a mysterious attack. Believing they were meant to find him, they took the child as their own and named him Archibald Greene, in honor of the town (Hollow Arch) and the region (Greenfield).

Archibald spent much of his childhood in the Abbey’s library, absorbing the knowledge within. He displayed an affinity for maps early on, and when he was old enough, became an apprentice for the Cartographer’s Guild. He quickly advanced his education, and has consistently shone as one of their brightest young pupils, even apprenticing under Lead Cartographer Banagher for a few years. Most recently, he was promoted to Junior Cartographer, and sent on a mission to investigate Banagher’s mysterious death.

Though a brilliant historian, cartographer, and even physician, Archibald (or “Arkh,” to those who don’t know him well) has a hot temper, and struggles to control it. He struggles to reconcile the fact that he is, at his core, an orc, despite having lived a distinctly non-traditional orcish life. A deeply pacifistic man, Archibald can however be prone to violence in situations where he is unable to control his frenzy, and is always deeply ashamed when that does happen.

Ultimately, Archibald wants to continue rising through the ranks of the Cartographer’s Guild, and hopes to one day put his skill to the test within the bowels of the Ironforge.

Archibald "Arkh" Greene

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