Animus Lost

To End and Begin Again

He stopped flying… I am sure he is fatigued… I moved over to see what was wrong when I noticed some new subjects being led in. There were many of them, so I went to help.

I have made a terrible mistake.

The intruders tore down the door, and one of my own proud creations entered the operation room. He was terrifying, especially for a third generation—which he obviously was. He was followed by several Untouched, and their intentions were quite clear.

Why do they struggle against this?

They were upon my fellow Artisans like spiders. They tore them down to the ground to tear their armor from their bodies while my subject struggled to take breaths on the table below me. They were ignoring me for now.

I could run.

The treacherous thought coursed through my mind like an evil thing. The subject would surely die if I fled.

Maybe I could even save them…

I ignored the dying pleas for help of my siblings. Their shrill cries were equally unanswered by Soldiers, and I leaned forward to finish what I’d started. Her breathing leveled out as the tissues were forced to accept one another, and soon her souls collided. My work was finished, and I looked up to see an Untouched face twisted in some kind of emotion. Her axe was raised, and maybe I could have dodged it, had I tried.

Our lives are a worthy price for hers.

Why are they falling? What is happening to them?

I was afraid. My siblings flailed and tore at their armored skin as if there was something crawling beneath it. The skies themselves rebelled against us.

What did we do wrong?

I chose to drop from the sky rather than brave its wrath. It was a cowardly thing to do. I landed hard near the main building and lie in the grass as though I had been taken from whatever monstrosity that had dominated the skies. I looked around slowly and found an Untouched lying on an exposed bit of stone. He wasn’t standing with the rest of them, ready to fight. He was wrinkling his soft face in the same way that many of the Mended did, and suddenly I understood what it meant.

He was sad.

I am sad.

I turned away from the Untouched, and began to crawl toward the walls of the main hall. Once there, I began to dig. There were runnels near the base, to keep the water from deteriorating the weak, wooden walls. I put myself in that shameful place, beneath the earth.

I want to live.


Kissarai Kissarai

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