Out of Game Announcements

08 September 13

I am fully aware that last session was a train wreck. (Get it?) I was way too focused on the combat, not paying enough attention to the players, and it ran hours too long. In short, I fucked up and it won’t happen again. FTS is supposed to be for the STORY and I lost sight of that. I promise you all that it will not happen again, and I hope that you will be just as excited for next session as you were for this one.

06 September 13

There are a lot of great new things to read around the wiki, including Goldie’s new bio! Go check them out before game tomorrow. Maybe they’ll inspire you to do some writing yourselves?

30 July 13

The curtains rise on a new act in Animus Lost, and while some of the characters have exited the stage, new ones are just arriving. Saying goodbye are Rachel’s character, Vhirelle and Luis’ character Tim, as well as Luis himself. Good luck with your new job! Making an entrance is Rachel’s new character, Blondie as well as a new player and character, James and Arkh! We’ve also rolled out FTS v4.0, and it’s almost like starting a new campaign altogether. See you all next week for an exciting new chapter in Animus Lost!

30 June 13

New for the FTS system is the Achievements page! Take a gander at all the little ways you could earn Animus Emblems for the party in and out of character.

04 May 13

I just wanted to update this. Last session was awesome, and I hope we can keep it up! You’d all have a lot more experience if you wrote things on the wiki! JUST SAYING. Along those lines, Rachel gets an Animus Emblem for updated the journal for me when I had a brain fart. Thank her, bring her cupcakes, and may the fourth be with you all.

Edit: Make that TWO Animus Emblems!

14 Mar 13

Happy Pi Day! Big thanks to Theo and Mike, who earned the party’s first Animus Emblems. The next session will be on Saturday the 23rd, and we’ll be joined by a potential 6th player, Brandon Wilcox. Be sure and read those backgrounds because they are a delightful read!

29 Dec 12

I made a new DeviantART account for Animus Lost. In the favorites section, there are folders grouped by race that you are free to use for whatever purposes you like. (Just credit the Deviant, please. And tell them that they’ve been featured! Or tell me and I’ll do it.) The pictures in the featured folder of the favorites are already in use, however, and if one of them is JUST PERFECT we can switch something out, but keep that in mind.

The site is here: http://animus-lost.deviantart.com/

26 Dec 12

I’ve added pictures for character races on their appropriate pages. I got them all from DeviantArt and I’m very happy with how those pages turned out. I’m still working on getting all the lore out of my head and on the site, but it’ll be worth it in the end! You are part of The Cartographer’s Guild, after all, and would have access to this kind of information. It’s a booming empire, and knowledge is more accessible than ever!

While you’re perusing (and this especially goes for previous FTS players), let me know if anything doesn’t make sense or just feels “off” in any way. There’s a lot to do before this game starts and I can use your help! Similarly, if you have any ideas for religions, cultures, or anything, just make a note on the appropriate page (or make a new one, or whatever) and I promise I’ll see it.

Thank you all so much!

20 Dec 12

This is the beginning. The wiki has been created and the bones of it established. I’ll be fleshing it all out as quickly as possible to give the players as much time as possible to digest the massive amounts of information available here. This world has a lot of relevant history and knowing it will make the game a lot more inclusive. There are endless possibilities for character origins from all across Vulcanica and more!

I’ve got a tentative start date for mid-February, but we still need to decide as players what the weekly day and time will be. For the Dawn Patrol, we started out on Friday evenings, then moved to Saturday evenings. I think one of those two days would be best.

Lastly, I’d like to get some confirmation on players. I think I can handle up to five players, and so far I have one that’s absolutely confirmed (Forest), two that I’m pretty sure are firm (Nick and Theo), one that is extremely interested (Rachel), and two that are unsure (Mike and Josh). That’s six, so I’m just going to say that first come first serve, and the first five to fill the available slots are the ones that get to play. I wish I could include everyone, but this is my first time GMing a table-top game and that last thing I want to happen is to get overloaded and end up being unable to give everyone the great experience that I hope to provide!