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Current Animus Emblems
==== 3 (1,201)

Peace is a Matter of Perspective

Vulcanica is prosperous. The roads are safe. The wars with her neighbors have been resolved, the Valentines have won back their throne, and the bitter Hell Fire is over. The seven heroes who fought to make this possible are disbanded and scattered. The memories of their feats are fading, and their names no longer on the lips of every citizen old enough to understand.

There are still great changes in store for Vulcanica, however, because The Dawn Patrol hasn’t quit its meddling with nations and gods alike. In the end, it will be up to those that know the land best to keep the peace.

Themes of Animus Lost

This revolves around the colleagues of The Cartographer’s Guild, who wander the farthest reaches of the realm to document what lies there. With the booming economy of an expanded empire newly at peace, the Cartographers find themselves needing to update their city maps more than the deeps of The Heartland.

The game will start in a city high in The Spine called New Turath. For the beginning of the game, the players will remain in the city and will later have the option of leaving to explore the vast and rich lands of Vulcanica and abroad. Most of the game will revolve around dialogue and intrigue, with a hearty amount of combat. The players will have a lot of choices to make that will affect them throughout the rest of the campaign, and sometimes even shape the events of future campaigns.

We expect to be ready to begin by mid-February 2013, and for now feel free to peruse the Wiki.

Inspirations for Animus Lost

I can’t possibly list all of the ways I’ve been inspired to create this campaign, but here are some that, if you know them, you’ll certainly recognize as the story unfolds.

  • The Dawn Patrol a tabletop campaign by James Meier and his five players from July to December 2012, the predecessor to Animus Lost
  • A nightmare I had in 2008
  • The Codex Alera a six-book series by Jim Butcher
  • The Walking Dead a television drama on AMC

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