Magic takes many different forms in Vulcanica, each “school” or discipline offering significant advantages and disadvantages alike. Until they have at least one Training in the appropriate discipline, characters do not have access to any of the disciplines, and therefore cannot use magic in any form.

Players using FTS are encouraged to find new, innovative ways to use different types of magic, according to the theme of the magic you’re trained into. (For example, a Demon Mage using his skill in wielding fire on the battlefield to suck the warmth from a pond, turning it inexplicably to ice and causing the coming enemy warrior’s mount to slip.) These creative uses may be difficult to achieve, but will also please your storyteller and POSSIBLY get you some extra experience. To find the mechanics of each form of magic, click on the links provided.

Dragon Magic: The first magic to see widespread use in Vulcanica, Dragon Magic is what many in Cinderfell simply consider “magic,” and its strength lies in making its user a more fearsome person in their own right.
*This type of magic is available to any race.

Pact Magic: Wicked and powerful beings, Demons are well-known to be power-hungry and eager to spread destruction and influence in their name. They are not, however, capable of using most of their magic in the Mortal World, and must do much of their work through mortal agents, to which they often grant access a small amount of their demonic powers. Though many of them forsake it now, the Cambion people used this magic to incredible effect when they overthrew the Arkhosians and built the fearsome empire of Bael-Turath.
*Demons are not choosey in their hunger for souls. This type of magic is available to any race.

Old Magic: Recently rediscovered by The Dawn Patrol and taught to those that have the right blood to learn it, Old Magic has spread quickly throughout Cinderfell and beyond because of its ability to heal the body of wounds and illnesses. It does have other uses, although those abilities are rarely the primary focus of a Wizard.
*Old Magic may only be wielded by races who are, or were once, Human. (Beastmen, Cambion, Human)… Though there are rumors…

Vulcani Magic: Vulcanica has a will of its own. To many, this is a thing to be feared, but to the skilled mage, it is a thing that can be directed and shaped to benefit the world on a much more individual level. “The trick is understanding that you are not using it, but merely guiding it.” Those who have trained into this magic may choose to call upon the elements of Vulcanica to come to their aid, provided they are acting according to Vulcanica’s will.
*This magic is only available to races native to Vulcanica. (Fey, Orc, Vulcanii)

Blood Magic: Occasionally referred to as “witchcraft” or “sorcery,” this type of magic has been outlawed, and is widely believed to be an unnecessarily destructive and harmful form form of magic. It is known that a Blood Mage uses his own or, more often, a victim’s blood to power their deadly, destructive spells. The citizens of Cinderfell, Valiraura, Ashkanez, and Pelor alike refuse to allow Blood Mages to live. Because of this, I am reluctant to allow players to use this type of magic.

Cinder Magic: Believed to be exclusive to the house of Valentines, this extremely powerful magic is shrouded in myth, mystery, and misinformation. Cinder magic is not available to players at this time.

Creation Magic: Extremely dangerous and difficult to use, creation magic revolves around the learning, speaking, reading and writing of the Words of Creation—the language used to “write” Vulcanica into existence. However, it takes tremendous will and training for a mortal to even read one letter of this language without being instantly destroyed. That, coupled with the fact that the only being capable of training Creation Magic has no interest in doing so, has led me to make the ruling that Creation Magic will not be available to players at this time.


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