SIGIL: The Turathi word for “Redemption” in white, imposed on a red background.


REGION: The Spine

LEADERSHIP: Lord Protector Aderes
FOUNDED: 87, second Age (326 years old; founded as Anaroc)
FACTIONS: House Grav, House Vid, House Iendis, House Rosornos

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New Turath has a hard earned history saturated with desperate struggle and grinding battle. Originally a tiny town named Anaroc, it was claimed by Cambion refugees led by Brisalis and renamed in honor of their lost home. When the Cinderfell Empire grew in power and offered New Turath a place among their ranks, Brisalis quickly accepted, and lived to oversee New Turath grow from little more than a military camp to a proper, though still very militaristic, town. They were prosperous enough to expand their walls around the residents and their fields, with the idea that as the town grew, the fields would gradually be pushed outside the walls with the residents still protected.

When Brisalis grew old, Valor was appointed Lord Protector. By that time, the attacks from the North had become frequent and harsh. Military service was mandatory and, though pride prevented it from being said aloud in public, the threat of a breakthrough was looming. Most of the influence of the city came from either being a successful military leader or having money invested in the military. Shortly after taking power, however, Brisalis had the opportunity to end the attacks from the Beastmen by participating in the Battle of Thrones in the the ruins of Utica. It cost the city dearly, but peace was finally brokered between Cambion and Beastman as they fought together to save the Empire.

Unfortunately, when the Cambion armies returned to New Turath, it was gripped by the Hell Fire and under Jotun siege. The city would likely have been ruined by famine and disease had Baldred Hammerfast of The Dawn Patrol not returned with his vast knowledge of medicine and the newly rediscovered healing magic. This new knowledge rapidly spread, healing injuries that would otherwise kill or permanently maim, raising the life expectancy of everyone in the city and lowering the infant mortality rate.

Lord Protector Aderes inherited a booming city surrounded by a booming empire. Populations are on the rise everywhere. New land is being tamed and worked. New cities are arising. New Turath is beginning to shift from being a military-run town. Attacks from the Jotun are rare and weak, and civilian politics are gaining more momentum. The walls were, again, expanded to include new residents, and the city is enjoying peace and quiet for the first time in its history.


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