Dragon Magic

“I am invincible.”

When the Dragons ruled Vulcanica, they created the Dragonkin and taught them a watery version of their own magic. When the Dragons were defeated and run out of Vulcanica, it was discovered that all mortals were capable of wielding it. Dragon magic focuses on empowering the self, transforming their breath to devastating effect, and transforming their very bodies to better suit them.

Characters who choose to start training into the Magic/Dragon/ Skill begin with access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Empowerment – The character gains access to Dragon Magic’s special rule, described below.

Characters who reach Rank 4 in Magic/Dragon also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Breath – Any time the character Throws RED in Combat, they may make a MAGICAL POWER Test using Magic/Dragon/ or Magic/Dragon/Breath to attack, instead of using another option. Because the Breath begins at the Mage and moves outward, the Mage may choose to use this ability to attack multiple opponents if they wish, though they cannot choose to ignore allies that are within the area of their Breath.

Characters who reach Rank 8 in Magic/Dragon also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Suppression – The character may, at any time, make a MAGICAL POWER Test using Magic/Dragon/ or Magic/Dragon/Suppression to attempt to suppress magic in the immediate area around them. For each success after the fifth that the Mage gets, all characters making a MAGICAL test in the Mage’s immediate area must subtract one success from their Final Result.

Characters who reach Rank 12 in Magic/Dragon also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Modification – The character may attempt to permanently alter their body in a way of their choosing, with a successful MAGICAL CONTROL Test, using Magic/Dragon/ or Magic/Dragon/Modification. Characters wishing to do so should work with their Storyteller to determine what changes they want to make and what effects they want their changes to have, both in- and out-of-game.

Special Rule: Before making any kind of Test, a character with 1 or more Ranks in Magic/Draogn may make a MAGICAL CONTROL Test using Magic/Dragon/ or Magic/Dragon/Empowerment to unleash their inner font of Dragon Magic and make them stronger. Before making the Test, the character must choose which Type I Attribute they intend to empower, and declare their intention. When determining their Final Result, each success after the fifth becomes an automatic success they may add onto a future Test made with their chosen Attribute (it need not be the next Test made; the bonus successes may be “saved” for up to one minute before dissipating). However, the blood of Dragons does not tolerate failures, and any time this Dragon-empowered Test (not the actual empowerment test, but the test that is benefiting from the additional successes) results in a failure, the character must get one additional success on their MAGICAL CONTROL the next time they seek to call on the Dragon’s blood (this effect is cumulative). A successful empowerment Test, followed by a successful Dragon-empowered Test will reset this penalty to 0.

Dragon Magic

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