For One Animus Emblem…

Friends On The Other Side: Succeed on an (Impossible) Test, while using Demon Magic.

God Of War: Succeed on an (Impossible) Test, while using Dragon Magic.

Natural Disaster: Succeed on an (Impossible) test, while using Vulcani Magic.

You’re a Wizard, Harry: Succeed on an (Impossible) test, while using Old Magic.

Burn It Down: Destroy a structure at least two stories in height.

Priorities: Betray (or harm) the party in order to protect or support your Legend.

Blatant Bribery: Prepare a home-cooked meal for the group. (repeatable)

Fallen Gods: The Storyteller Critically Fails.

Proper Heraldry: A Beastname accepts the name a player gives to it. (repeatable)

Highest Potential: Roll more than 30 dice on any single test. (once per player)

So Hard it Hurts: Roll a critical failure. (Once per player)

For Ten Experience Points…

From The Skies: Fall more than 100 feet onto an opponent. Take less than a level four wound.

Steady As She Goes: Get the exact same Final Result three times in a row (can be repeated).

The Power Is MINE!: Get 30 or more successes on a Final Result without using Animus Emblems or Collaboration.

What Have I Become?: Voluntarily perform an action that is in direct conflict with your highest Legend score.

The Terminator: Without the use of magic or Animus Emblems, survive a Level 8 wound.

Fan Girls: All players contribute to the wiki in the same week. (repeatable)

Ironclad: Survive a Level 20 or higher Wound (before applying Wound Reduction from armor).

Go Home, You’re Drunk: Roll a critical failure twice in one session. (repeatable)

The Highest Honor I Can Bestow: Voluntarily enter a situation from which there is no visible exit, in order to protect or support your Legend.

*Down in History:" Max out a Legendary Aspect.

Flesh of the Fallen: Sarai eats meat during game.

Light on the Hill: Write five full-length stories or more between any two consecutive sessions. Applies to any substantial contribution to the wiki. Ex: Stories, journals, charts, maps, artwork, poetry, etc. (repeatable)

For Artifacts…

My Life for Aiur!: Every player achieves “Light on the Hill” between any two consecutive sessions.

DIY Champion: Roll enough successes that I can’t not give you one.


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