Fritz Karhil

Elven Thief from Ibygya


AGE: 76


  • Honor: Only take from those who can afford to lose it
  • Faith: Determination can make any obstacle passable
  • Virtue: Ashll Rad’yer, Long-time partner in crime and girlfriend
  • Vice: Curiosity

Image from Ruloc Sketchbook


Born in Koth to the commander of the Koth Vanguard. From a very early age, Fritz was trained as a scout to for the Vanguard due to his uncanny skill for avoiding the attention. Fritz advanced quickly through the ranks and was given command of a small scout team at the age of 19. However, the military life wasn’t for Fritz. For several years, he was conflicted with how to break it to his father. It wasn’t until the Battle of Utica during Redhammer’s coup that Fritz found the opportunity to leave the military life. During the battle, Fritz slipped away and hid in the city for several days. The Koth military assumed Fritz killed in action. Fritz fled Utica to Ibygya, changed his surname to Karhil, and joined the Guild of Deals as a thief for hire.

After servering in the guild for a rather uneventful 25 years, Frtiz met Ashll Rad’yer, a fellow elf and thief. After a few months of working together, and due to the Guild starting to be reincorporated into the Empire, Fritz and Ashll left the Guild to work for private contacts. Things worked out well for the two of them until Fritz took a job to retrieve a magical ring from a private collection in Crossing. On his way to return his bounty, Fritz reached his hand into his pocket to insure that the ring was still in his possession, the ring slipped on the end of one of his fingers and disappeared. Once Fritz drew his hand out of his pocket, a strange tattoo had appeared on his hand and extended to his upper arm in the pattern of a serpent. Fearing what his employers might do to get the ring off, Fritz sent a letter to Ashll to hide and joined the Cartographer’s Guild to try and get under the radar.

Fritz Karhil

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