Cerlissa Grav-Norsca

Demon of the Dawn


RACE: Cambion
GENDER: Female
AGE: 75
HOMELAND: New Turath

KNOWN ALLEGIANCES: The Cinderfell Empire, The Dawn Patrol, House Grav


There are people in New Turath that claim to have seen her within the city walls, walking the streets of the Low Waters district or moving among the bent trunks of the Dogleg Forest. They say she still wears the uniform of a time now passed: Black and gold tricorn hat and greatcoat. Rumors of her hauntings float quietly through New Turath.

Known to be a member of The Dawn Patrol, as well as originating from House Grav in New Turath, Cerlissa’s history is murky at best. She was never the most popular of the seven members of the celebrated Dawn Patrol, and some versions of the stories even say that she turned against them, at the end. Her checkered history remains a source of embarrassment for the Great House Grav, who is known to have adopted her as a child. It’s said that she killed her adoptive father and brother, and cursed her mother before she killed herself, causing the trees in the Dogleg Forest to bend.

In the upper echelons of the military and even the mage’s academy, however, her story is told differently. She is believed to be one of the greatest assets to New Turath, rivaled only with The Lord Protector herself. They, too, believe in the sightings, but not as a ghost haunting the city. It’s said that she still visits the remaining Dawn Patrol, including Protector Hammerfast, who oversees the walls of New Turath. The Protector never has new stories to tell, when asked about her, but is always happy to recount the time they spent saving the world together.

Cerlissa Grav-Norsca

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