Albin was born small. His parents were worried for years about his small stature and his toe-less feet, but he developed normally, and despite the initial teasing from his peers he excelled in matters of intellect. The teasing didn’t last long either, as he provided evidence that while his size was stunted, his strength was not. Shortly after beginning his work at the Iron Forge, Tuari was called to battle alongside The Dawn Patrol in the Battle of Thrones. It was there that Albin met Vicorin, and was Hit by him. That Hit inspired Albin to invent.

The night before the Siege on Utica began, Albin was restless. Like many of the soldiers, he found himself wandering the darkened camp. When he came across the catapult siege engines, he couldn’t help but find them inadequate. Despite the coming mobilization, Albin dismantled the catapult and rebuilt it. The first turned out so great that he redid them all, working through the night to finish before the army moved out. The resulting contraption, though met with skepticism, has since replaced the catapult altogether. He called it the trebuchet.

Albin’s career blossomed after that. He was working with the best of the Iron Forge. After years of this, he was working late at night in the Forge. Alone, he wasn’t sure if he was seeing things when a finished suit of armor twisted itself into a seamless image of Gwind. She gave him a cryptic message, to leave the Iron Forge, learn magic, and bring it back to the Forge. He would have chalked it up to sleepless hallucinations had the image of her not remained there, standing in perfect visage of the famed, ascended member of The Dawn Patrol.

The next day, Albin approached the High Priestess to see if she knew anything of it. While she did believe his story, she was not accepting of it. Despite this, Albin left Tuari to seek out another of the Dawn Patrol, Grakkus Silverclaw. While Grakkus didn’t know anything about what Gwind had said to Albin, he was ready and willing to teach him of his magic, and Albin was an able student.

It wasn’t long on Avalon before Albin grew restless and decided to travel. Grakkus suggested a contract with the Cartographer’s guild and pointed him in the right direction.


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