Animus Lost

On Avoiding the Truth

In which a son wants his parents to be proud of him

Mom and Mom,

I’m sorry I haven’t been better about staying in touch. It has gotten very busy down here lately, and I’ve been so preoccupied that I completely forgot about sending more letters. I’m sorry, I promise to work on it.

I actually wasn’t joking about it being busy here, and a lot has happened since I last got in touch with you. I guess one of the biggest is that I finally made Junior Cartographer! I even got a field assignment, which wound up being much bigger than anyone expected. It took me to New Turath, through Koth, into Utica, and I even spent almost two weeks in Valiraura (please assure the Abbess that I minded myself while there)! I’ve had a lot of adventures in the last two months, and have seen far more than I could ever hope to share with you in a simple letter. But, I am safe, I am well, and I have gained and learned much in my time away.

Unfortunately, Cyleena and I are no longer together. I know I said in my last letter that I was saving up for a ring, but her and I had a long talk after I got back, and we both agreed that we were rushing into something neither of us were ready for. She actually got promoted to Councilwoman in my absence! I’m very happy for her, and wish her well.

Speaking of the Imperial council, I forgot to mention that, in my travels, I met the Heiress Astrid Valentine! Some mercenary friends and I were actually responsible for escorting her through a leg of her journey, and apparently we did such a good job that she actually invited us to attend her Coronation. It was an amazing ceremony, and I actually had the honor of dancing with her at the ball that followed! I am still reeling from that day.

The mercenaries and I have gotten close these past few weeks (having spent much of the journey together), and they’re very good people. They are all good friends to me, and I think you would like them very much, if you ever get the chance to meet them. Rest assured, they’re looking out for your son.

Despite all the good news, however, the main reason I had for sending this letter isn’t quite so pleasant. I meant it when I said that the mercenaries and I worked our way into Her Majesty’s good graces, and now she seeks to send us on a very important, very dangerous mission. I will be working with the best and brightest people in the empire, and protected by the bravest and strongest warriors this side of the Spine, but there is a very good chance that I won’t make it back. I have accepted the risk, and am proud to have the opportunity to serve my Empress in such a significant way.

The real bad news is that we will be departing very soon. I sent this letter the same day that I learned of our imminent departure, but there is still little chance that your reply, even if sent immediately, won’t make it back before I leave. Should you wish to try, though, I’ll be staying in the Palace at Cliffport (which is fantastic, by the way), and I can be found there. I will try to extend our stay as long as possible, but our mission is very time-sensitive, and I fear I won’t be able to buy enough time. I am happy, however, knowing that I still have this chance to say goodbye.

I love you both very much, and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me in my time here. I challenge anyone in this life to find better, more loving parents than you, and I’m proud of the man you raised me to be. I look forward to having our Ashes joined, someday.

With all the love I have,

Archibald Greene


Kissarai Arikiba

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